Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time for Some George Carlin

Not feeling so creative today so here is one of my George Carlin favorites.  "Religion is Bullshit"
Fucking hilarious and of course true.  RIP GEORGE!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I feel about Public Unions

Thought this was a timely piece.... found it by a random person on the internet, intelligence found on the internet, what the hell is going on?

What a lot of people don't realize is that public employees' unions have essentially set themselves up as non-competitive contractors with the ability to determine whether or not taxes will need to be raised, and governments have allowed them to do so to taxpayers' detriment (typically, the more liberal the government, the more detrimental to the taxpayers).

Unions don't have contracts, they have collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). As those CBAs expire, the unions and the government enter into negotiations -- very much like professional sports unions do with their respective ownerships. This is done about every three years or so. The government employees' unions have the upper hand since they have the power to strike coupled with the governments' need to maintain services of all sorts. As an example, one of those services is education. Since every state has some sort of mandate requiring parents ensure their kids go to school, theirs is a special double control that education unions have over the taxpayers. Another example is trash collection. Ever seen an American city without trash pickup? Yes, we all have.

It is a conflict of interest that should not be allowed to stand. AND, to top it off, it's a conflict of interest with no competition allowed!! So then this really is a type of extortion, as neither the government nor the people have any other recourse except what the unions will accept. Afterall, the government, by law instituting the CBA process, isn't allowed to turn to other contractors. Likewise, citizens don't have another government responsible for repairing roads.

Yet, many private companies can do the same job for far less money and with much less waste and in far less time, thereby reducing the need to tax at such high rates. But, those private companies don't even get a chance to write a proposal to win the contract, because the governments don't even consider negotiating with anyone else but the current contract holders -- unions.

Another aspect of the current arrangement between public sector unions and governments is that the sole contractor (unions) is allowed to donate to politicians. Usually those donations are given during campaigns; sometimes they're not. Either way and no matter when, those donations amount to being bribes from the contractor to the contractee (or potential contractee). Politicians then decide what pay and benefits the unions get. This is clearly a quid pro quo. In private business, this practice is specifically outlawed. Every respectable American business finds it contemptible behavior and goes to great lengths to prevent it from occurring. Should a megacorporation based in the US be caught in the act, liberals of every stripe will make a public outcry, as they ought. Yet, with public employees unions, those same liberals will use every political ploy and strategy to keep the practice alive and well as most of those donations go to liberal politicians.

Make no mistake, in Wisconsin (and soon to be in other states), the fight is over who controls the power to tax. The power to tax should remain with government, without any form of corollary systems allowed or any undue influence from government employees themselves. In other words, public employees unions' should be outlawed.

Exactly!  Whoever wrote this is a genius.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So People That Drive in Chicago are Fucking Dickheads

So yeah I live in Chicago as you may have guessed (or not, because I don't think anyone reads this blog)  and I walk my dogs every day.  Its a battle to take them across a 4 lane road to piss because shithead motherfuckers like to attempt a left turn right when they get the green light before traffic approaches them.  Guess what fucknuts, there are people in this city that don't drive and like to cross the street without having to jump out of the way.  IT IS OUR RIGHT OF WAY you stupid fucks!

And what's the big fucking hurry?  Maybe if you didn't live in a shitty suburb where it takes you an hour and a half to get home you wouldn't be such a bitch!  And the most infuriating part of it all is that there is always a red light  immediately after you turn, so what you really want to get to that red light 10 seconds faster while risking the life of every pedestrian that attempts to cross the fucking street to get home where they live?  Eat a bag of shit and die you fucking selfish pricks.

So some asshole tried to pull this shit today and I let him have it. The best part was that his window was cracked open so I know he heard me nice and clear.  I knew it was gonna happen too because this dumb sorry fuck looked to be in an extra hurry.  He glances over at me waiting to cross the street, he makes sure that nobody is running a red light from his right, and guns it.  I jump in front of his stupid red Nissan Altima and ream his Anderson Cooper looking ass and scream to him,


His look of utter shock was nice when I stopped in front of him so he couldn't pass, and made the oncoming traffic stop so that they could watch me really have at it...


wave middle finger, say "FUCK YOU" and exit stage left...

aaaaaah Relief!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm not feeling very creative today

Must be my brain is frozen from this crappy weather.

So when I'm feeling not very creative, I guess i'll just post something I find humorous
So here's a dumbass on a motorcycle... enjoy!  Apologies in advance for the music that sucks and really doesn't make any sense!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Canada Take Your Air and Shove it EH

Today the wife, that's me, got to leave work at 2pm.  Fuckin HooRay.  I wanted to take the dogs to the park to play in the snow before it all turns to shitty gray mush but fuckin CANADA had to go and send its frigid air down to my lovely city and f-up my well intentioned plans.  Poor, poor dogs and of course, poor poor me.  Another winter with no exercise just like those fatty Canadians.

Actually now that I think about (or aboot) it, I bet most of those bastards to the way north are malnourished.  Its too damn cold up there to go out and buy food and apparently Sarah Palin is killing all their moose via helicopters so now they have nothing to eat except roadkill.  Boo fucking hoo that's what they get for sending us a shitty jet stream.

In conclusion Canada can keep Sarah Palin and Canada can go fuck a duck.


The Bitch who married the dick that writes this shit.