Friday, April 8, 2011

Beer Review time!

Ok well I said that I would review Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale... but to be honest, I really don't remember what it tasted like since I drank it well over a week ago... amazingly powerful stuff though, here's a picture I took way before I drank it...

Really, really, really tasty and strong beer.  Was extremely smooth but almost syrup-like on the tongue... would drink again for SURE.  I would give it 9/10 thumbs up.  Best part about the beer is that I drank it on a week night after a long night of Budweiser binging and since this is such quality stuff I didn't even have a hangover the next day!   That in itself is worth a few points.

Also, congratulations to a person I know Matthew Stromer, who won the Shenanigans $500 grand prize for being the funniest comic there!  You can watch all sorts of awesome shit he made on his youtube channel, including the shenanigans comedy challenge stuff...

I would also recommend hitting up his website and buying lots of his stuff.

I'm going to do some beer reviewing, so over the next few hours or days expect more crazy beer content (or incoherent jibberish).

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