Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Canada Take Your Air and Shove it EH

Today the wife, that's me, got to leave work at 2pm.  Fuckin HooRay.  I wanted to take the dogs to the park to play in the snow before it all turns to shitty gray mush but fuckin CANADA had to go and send its frigid air down to my lovely city and f-up my well intentioned plans.  Poor, poor dogs and of course, poor poor me.  Another winter with no exercise just like those fatty Canadians.

Actually now that I think about (or aboot) it, I bet most of those bastards to the way north are malnourished.  Its too damn cold up there to go out and buy food and apparently Sarah Palin is killing all their moose via helicopters so now they have nothing to eat except roadkill.  Boo fucking hoo that's what they get for sending us a shitty jet stream.

In conclusion Canada can keep Sarah Palin and Canada can go fuck a duck.


The Bitch who married the dick that writes this shit.

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