Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beer Review Time!

When Isn't it time for a beer review?

Man this is great, I am so pumped for my upcoming weekend vacation that I just have to pre-party a bit this week to make the week go by faster!

So uh yeah, had a few beers, some good, some great.

First one I had was called Allagash Dubel

So Allagash Beers are made in Portland Maine, USA.  I actually know someone who moved to Maine and I was like, dude I'm never going to visit your ass in fucking Maine, what the hell is there to do when its not snowing or Noreastering there?

Well I know that if I ever go back to the most Northern state in the US, I'm going to visit this brewery

I have had their Trippel Ale (what the fuck is up with the spelling!) and it was a godly awesome belgian blonde beer.  Fucking loved it and I have a 4 pack chillin in my fridge right now that I will verbally jizz on the internets about it probably next week.  I have also had their White Ale which is pretty good as well (not jizzworthy, to note).

So anyway on to the Dubbel.  My wife summed it up in one word.  "Smooth".  I have to agree, this beer is not like a Belgian blonde at all.  No fruity overtones here.  Mostly just a smooth malty carmely beer that is awesome as hell.  Would HIGHLY reccomend this beer, especially since its a fantastically powerful 7% ABV.  I really can't describe how good this beer is, as it is sort of a unique taste, but I can assure you there is almost no hint of hops and it is a very smooth ale that will get you fuuuuucked up!

If you see it, you must try it!

It deserves a very robust rating of 9/10 thumbs up and at 8.99 a 4 pack isn't a ridiculous ripoff.

The other beer I am going to wax poetic about, I am actually currently drinking (which might explain my poor grammar and spelling ability at the moment). 

It is called Stone IPA and this microbrew is made in "North County" San Diego, CA, USA!

So these Cali hippie fuckers can really brew some hoppy shit.

There is an obvious gargoyle theme going on on the bottle here and actually a short tale on the back of the painted bottle (love them),  It explains that their Stone Gargoyle "wards off modern day evil spirits such as chemical preservatives, additives, and adjuncts."  They go on to talk about how their stuff is all natural and organic and all sorts of hippie bullshit... well here's the verdict...


This beer is a lot like the super hoppy Hop Wollop from Victory.  You pop the top off one of these and it smells like a fucking garden of hops explodes in your face.  It smells so fresh, so hoppy, its a smell to behold if you like hops.  The taste is clean but mega hoppy bitter, this is a VERY hoppy beer which I like on occasion, but it makes it tough to drink more than 2 or 3 of these...  Which is a good thing since this beer clocks in at 6.9% ABV and I would be shitfaced if I had 3 of these anyway.

A score for this beer is hard to determine, as I can guarantee this beer isn't for everyone... but I guess I'm probably one of the few who actually reads this blog so I'm going to go out there and give this beer a 8.5/10 thumbs up.  Yeah seriously, its pretty rad for an IPA.

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