Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Awesome things from the 90's

Part 1 in a million part series just because there is so much awesomeness to cover.  RAD!

Yes, The 90's were the best time in modern history, and before you old bastards say well no way, the 50's were the best!  Um, no.  The 50's were only "cool" if you are a bible thumping alcoholic smoker douche bag or chauvinistic prick-wad.  Certainly not "cool" if you were a minority, or a woman, or gay, or poor, or well, you get the point.

 Damn, in the 50's did people really wear suits everywhere?  I can't imagine what a pain in the ass that would be, and the poor women had to wear dresses and makeup while working in the kitchen... are you  kidding me?  Sometimes I don't even believe this shit ever happened because it seems so ridiculously impossible to find a woman working the kitchen like a pro these days.  Most women are working a full time job so they can help their hubby pay a mortgage on their overpriced and likely underwater McMansion. It also seems ridiculous that men would wear suits everywhere they went, even casually!  When was the last time you wore a suit to McDonalds?  Thats pretty much how I picture the 1950's were.

Oh shit, before I get too carried away about why the 1950's must have totally sucked, back to the three awesome things about the 90's!  Please note that these are not the absolute top three and they aren't in any particular order of awesomeness.

1)  Grunge Culture

Speaking of why the 50's attire sucked so hard reminded me of why the 90's were so awesome.  Not only did you have neon Umbros and Z. Cavaricci pants, but it was actually fashionable to let yourself go and wear flannel, your worst pair of jeans, not do your hair or shave.  I mean have we ever had another time in our history where you could wear what you went to sleep in after a long night of drinking Natty Light around a campfire, and be ok in school the next day?  

2)  Hammer Pants

Speaking of Z. Cavaricci pants... how in the heck could I forget the opposite of grunge, yet still comfortable as all hell?  Parachute pants!  So amazingly comfortable and fashionable as well!

  Lets just say they are a lot better than the "ex-girlfriend" jeans that losers wear today.  GROSS! 

3)  Music Videos

While I'm on the subject of music and fashion, lets hit one last awesome thing about the 90's.  MTV or alternatively known as "Music Television" to us geezers. It was an ancient cable channel that played MUSIC VIDEOS!  Now i'm sure some of you are asking what the fuck a music video is, so here is an example of one of the greatest music videos of all time.   What makes this video so great is that its from one of the worst movies of all time, while simultaneously being one of the greatest tupac (RIP) songs, and last but not least its totally off the wall and makes absolutely no sense.  Just like any good music video should!

Happy Hump day, stay RADICAL DUDES!

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