Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Don't Really Give a Shit About What Charlie Sheen Has to Say

Honestly.  He isn't saying anything new, and he really just sounds like some teenage kid with a World of Warcraft account.  Melt your face?  Tools and trolls?  You're "winning"?  Yeah whatever dude, the year 2005 called and they want their e-lingo back.

If I want to witness wit, creativity and humor, I'll watch this guy every weekday night.

All this attention whoring dipshit (Sheen) is doing is saying the most off the wall, sarcastic crap wherever he goes.  Wooooow amazing!  I don't think he's taking these "interviews" seriously,  which I would be doing too and just making up random funny stuff.  I mean what is he doing on 20/20 anyway?  Have they completely lost their way?  I think Sheen is just doing this off the wall stuff to try to get people interested in the stupid shit he has to say so that these ignorant sheep will buy tickets to his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" show, coming to Chicago and Detroit April 2nd-3rd, the price to see Charlie Sheen say dumb crap in person?  Tickets start at $70 a piece. 

I'm not interested in celebrity gossip crap anyway, but when everyone starts talking about it when we have far more important issues such as the unrest in the middle east, our pathetic budget cuts (which coincidentally we started hearing about Charlie Sheen while this was just beginning), the disaster in Japan, Union busting in Wisconsin, "Mayor" Emanuel, and well the list is practically endless of more important shit than what some coked out man whore has to say.  Then again, the news just can't help turn themselves away from a train wreck, no mater how egregiously self propagating it may be.

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