Friday, March 25, 2011

Its Friday, Beer Review

Another long god damn week is finally over.  Fucking shit I hate work sometimes.  I'm telling you nothing pleases me more than a nice cold beer (on sale even!) after a long week.  Except, ah nevermind... TMI

Tonight I am sampling a beer from the New Holland Brewery from... you guessed it, Holland Michigan!  Like a Dutchman could make a beer that doesn't suck.  Yeah, right!  Amstel sucks, Grolsch sucks, and Heineken makes me fart like a clydesdale!  Damn TMI again!  Not to ruin the flow I have going on here, but you have to watch this video...

So back to the topic at hand.  I am trying the New Holland Mad Hatter India Pale Ale.  Who knows why its called that, but there's a super creepy picture of a mad hatter on the label, and another label on the back that doesn't say why it is called Mad Hatter IPA. It does however say that its 5.25% ABV which is fairly average in terms of potency.

Glass is courtesy of you guessed it, Murphy's Pub in Champaign and the beer is your typical brownish reddish color and it is pretty clear beer.

It smells like hops and a faint amount of citrus or malt or some shit like that but to make a long snobby story short, it smells like pretty much any IPA I have had in the past.

The taste however, is smooth going down, not too carbonated, good amount of hops... its weird though its like it tastes great initially, then for just a split second it tastes foul or something, and then it leaves a nice IPA style aftertaste of hoppy goodness. 

I could really drink a lot of this shit if it was on sale all the time.  Definitely a quality brew.  I picked up a 6 pack for 8 bucks, and I think its a pretty good price point there.  I believe normally its like 11.49 for a 6 pack. 

So the final verdict is 8.5/10 thumbs up which means, if you see it, Try it!

Have any beer recommendations for this weekend?

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