Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bruce Pearl You Suck!

Ohhhh man, let me tell you how sad I was to hear the news that Tennessee Vol's Men's Basketball head coach Bruce Pearl (aka human waste pile) got the axe yesterday for fucking CHEATING and LYING (like, a million fucking times) to the NCAA. 

I'm sure he will be crying his big fat head on a big fat pillow stuffed with lots of money that he made scumming his way to the top.

Dear Bruce, I think I speak for everyone you have ever wronged when I say you are a miserable sack of shit, I hate you, you are lower than ambergris, and I hope to never see your ugly face on TV again.  If I see you in person, I will be sure to passive-aggressively run into you as I pass you by.  I sincerely hope your ex wife takes all your money and that you may never coach again!

I'm sure his ex-wife is pretty sad too, then again, maybe not as she is probably busy with her booming nail salon business, aptly named "Alimony's"

Why the hate for this guy?  Well, as a long time Illini fan, there is a reason.  You see Bruce used to be an assistant for Dr. Tom Davis at IOWA (Idiots Out Wandering Around) and wasn't happy with getting their asses kicked by the Illini so much, so assclown here used some out of context quotes from Deon Thomas (the #1 recruit in the country at the time) and made up a story and lied to the NCAA, yes it is a good story and might sound somewhat believable but....

The NCAA didn't find Illinois to be guilty, but since it "sounded good enough to be true" they slapped the Illini with a "lack of institutional control" penalty anyway (because they are assholes HQ'd in Indiana) which set the program back for at least a decade.  You can read the whole made up fiasco by Pearl here.

So to hear about this asshole adulterer getting shit-canned by a SEC school of all places (voted by coaches as "the most cheaty conference" which you can read about here)  for CHEATING then getting busted for LYING to the NCAA is absolutely hilarious and made my day.   Deadspin also has a great take on what a piece of human waste this guy is.

One last thing...

I REALLY don't want to see this asshole get hired on ESPN as a college hoops analyst with that other douchebag Digger Phelps.  Who, coincidentally made up a bunch of shit about Illinois offering LaPhonzo Ellis money too, that was never proven (and that Ellis admitted on a TV broadcast recently!).  Jay Bilas and Duke Vitale are already whining about what a raw deal Bruce Pearl got and what a standup guy he is.  Well, whats that saying, misery loves company?  Nah I think its

Yeah thats the ticket!

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