Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OMG Blogging is hard

So I made this stupid blog just for the fun of it and if there's one thing I have learned is that blogging is practically a full time job!

What I mean by that is, I have a full time job, so when I get home I'm already pretty exhausted just from waking up 10 hours ago, and I really don't want to write about my day like how the 23 year old compliance Nazis are snooping around our office or how they are fucking me over on my pay or how the printer cartridge needed to be changed or whatever other inane bullshit happens during the day in your typical office space.

And plus, who likes to be "that guy" that only has work to talk about?  I fucking hate those people!

So I have a lot of respect for those bloggers out there that can balance a full time job or school, or momming or shopping or whatever the hell it people do all day, and blog.  I especially have a lot of respect for those bloggers out there that put new shit out at least twice a day.  God damn that must take a lot of fucking work because even this piece of shit rant is taking a lot of creative energy and I can't imagine putting out quality content twice a day.

So before I start to sound like some loser ass sports journalist that has to fabricate his own news because the real news is "too boring" I'm just going to stop before I really lose it.

Besides, Isn't blogging just speaking your mind anyway?  I mean its not like I really plan on showing this to my mother in law, or grandchildren or whatever.

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