Thursday, March 10, 2011

The TSA is Making Propaganda Films Now?

What's up with all these train disaster movies lately?  Most recently a new movie called "Source Code" really caught my attention, it looks like its a total piece of crap about some sort of time travelling mystery bullshit, that needs to be solved before a train crashes into downtown Chicago.  Yay for Hollywood originality!  Then of course there's the especially terrible movie "Unstoppable" which the only reason people went to go see it is because Denzel Washington was in it.  Honorable quips also to "The Taking of Pehlam 123 (remake)", "Knowing", and "Final Destination 3".

The only explanation in my conspiratorial insane mind is that the TSA is providing funding for these films as a way to terrorize citizens into thinking train travel is unsafe.  You know how the government loves to scare people into thinking we need more useless government jobs and regulations that they don't seem to have the balls to ever get rid of them.  So yeah, these movies are basically a power grab to make train travel seem far more dangerous than it is and to scare the general public into believing that rail travel is unsafe somehow and it needs to be regulated in the name of "freedom".

The TSA currently doesn't do security searches for boarding trains, my guess is that they want to expand their influence (and budgetary requirements) via expansion into the passenger train sector.  So I really wouldn't be surprised if in a few years we have dogs sniffing my balls for bombs every time I get on a train, or some overpaid union idiot laughing while he takes a picture of my scanned body like this poor soul.  Not really sure what these scanners do anyway that the normal ass metal detector machines can't find.  I mean are people bringing guns and knives on planes?  You'd think a metal detector would catch that one...

And honestly, who thought this was a good idea anyway?  I mean do these clowns really want to make traveling by plane as uncomfortable as possible?  Its bad enough you have to take off your belt, your shoes, have them search through your entire cache of carry on luggage, take apart any electronics, then herd you like cattle to sit on a damn plane where you have to be the size of a malnourished Asian child labor camp survivor to be comfortable in the seat.  You can't do shit unless you are at cruising altitude, you can't smoke, you can't bring your own booze, you have to buy their shitty overpriced crap and to top it all off, your ears are popping every 30 seconds and babies are screaming while you are smashed between two fat fucks that wouldn't fit in a new F-250 pickup truck.

So, back to the important conspiracy theories!  I think these movies are just propaganda brought to you by your big ol' government that wants nothing more than to add a few more jobs where it can't fire anyone.  I mean seriously people, go to the airport sometime and count the fucking idiots with TSA uniforms on standing around doing nothing.  I would bet the actual people working is no more than one in eight.

That really has to be the only logical explanation as to why Denzel Washington would voluntarily do "Unstoppable" and Jake Jillenhall would do "Source Code" although I guess getting paid millions of dollars doesn't hurt, either.  Kind of like TSA employees (well, those in charge at least)!

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