Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beer Review

Ok so in the context of keeping it random.  Time to do a Beer Review. style.

Now before you laugh at my snobbyness I did not invent this system nor do I really care what some d-bag on the internet thinks is good beer.  I plan to do this as an ongoing series (since adult life sucks and beer makes it better) with a rating scale from 1-10 where 1 is undrinkable piss such as Bud Light & Clamato.  Do you have any idea what clamato is?  Trust me, if you don't already know, you really don't want to find out because it might cause you to hurl.

= 1

and a 9.5-10 would be along the likes of say....  An Aventinus Dopplebock, which along with Bell's Third Coast Old Ale are two of my favorite beers of all time.

So, now that you have my numerical system in place lets start the review.  Beer Advocate style...

Anheiser-Busch, Budweiser

Brewed by Anheiser-Busch (Inbev)
St. Louis, MO (I think)

Appearance: a light piss color with a relatively good head on top after a pour, lots of bubbles, kind of like cheap champagne.  Poured into a skinny glass to appear larger than the actual serving size of 12oz.

Smell: definitely get the aroma of both union labor tears and immigrant labor sweat, and of course a sweet reminder of what Wrigley Field smells like in the middle of summer time.

Taste: At first it doesn't seem like the typical bargain beer that I was expecting, but after a couple more sips, I definentally think this case I bought was on sale because its old and skunky.  A few seconds after I shotgun one of these bad boys, that rush of years being stripped off your liver comes. You get progression from light, and subtly sweet to a smash of bitter aftertaste that reminds me of Rosie O'Donnel's frowny face.

Drink-ability: With an 5% ABV it doesn't pack a huge alcohol punch but you get a lot for your money, and is relatively drinkable.  If by drinkable you mean, something that you can barely swallow enough of to get thoroughly buzzed.

Overall:  For a beer that is one of the most popular beers in the USA this "American Lager" is an embarrasment. Americans really have the worst taste in food and drink.  I mean seriously, it is sort of drinkable, and at $13 for a 24 pack I'm not complaining too much.  I'm not one who really prefers an extremely crappy beer, but it does make watching my pathetic college team or pro sports team much more interesting.  So it has that going for it.  And for this particular swill, I would recommend that you keep it in the can, as it makes the beer much more difficult to taste! (good thing)

Serving type: Can.  I should have paid the extra buck for bottles!

Score: 5/10 thumbs up -  It gets an extra point for being so cheap, and the fact that It is drinkable enough to get buzzed is another +1.

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